northern lights in rovaniemi, finland

How to find the Northern lights, Aurora Borealis

For the last two weeks the sky has been covered with clouds. Last night we got lucky and had a night with a clear sky – that means northern lights for us here in Rovaniemi! 🙂 I took some photos on our backyard. The next time that I see them I’m gonna go to a place with less light pollution in order to get better photos. Now I was on a field next to the big road going towards Ivalo.

Using online services to predict the Northern lights

I’m following the solar activity online at

It’s a service provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and it tells me if I have a chance of seeing the northern lights. They can send an aurora alert on your e-mail as well if you give them your e-mail address but I find the webpage so easy to follow that I haven’t done that just yet. 🙂

northern lights 02

Another forecast you have to keep an eye on is the cloud weather forecast. The Finnish Meteorological Institute ( has a cloud cover map and you can find this useful tool here.

If you’re interested in capturing these lights in a photo, check out my quick guide to photographing Northern lights! 🙂


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