A walk in the mushroom forest

I love forest walks – not only because they keep you fit and help in reducing stress after a long day at the office, but they’re also a great way of playing treasure hunt! Almost every time I come back home with some kind of an interesting find – this time it was yellowfeet (Cantharellus tubaeformis)! They ended up in a creamy sauce with ground deer and home made tagliatelle.

yellowfeetThis autumn I participated in a mushroom course with my Alaskan malamute Kaylee. She learned to search for chantarelles (they were easy to find and therefore easy to begin with) and is now helping me to find mushrooms. Next year she’ll learn to sniff out black trumpet mushrooms.

Kaylee has to wear a signal vest whenever she’s running free in the woods. I don’t want a hunter to mistake her for a  wolf.

alaskan malamute in the forest

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