Scandinavian Dark Syrup recipe

How to make Scandinavian Dark Syrup

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Many of my blog’s readers have been asking me about dark syrup and how to replace it in recipes. Dark syrup is a cane sugar syrup used in Scandinavian cooking and baking. It might be difficult to find outside of Europe.

The flavor of dark syrup is different from brown syrup, even though both syrups are made of brown cane sugar. It has a stronger caramel taste and it’s thicker than brown sugar syrup. Brown sugar syrup has a relatively mild flavor and it’s often used to sweeten beverages like ice coffee. In Finland, dark syrup is often used in cooking and baking.  I use it in traditional dishes like Christmas-time casseroles, Christmas biscuits, carrot cakes and the traditional Finnish archipelago bread.

After one afternoon of experimenting in the kitchen, I managed to create a syrup that tastes and looks exactly like the one sold in Scandinavian food stores. The ingredients are easy to find ( you will only need brown cane sugar and water), so you should be able to make this syrup at home regardless of where you live. You will also need two pots, a measuring cup and a spoon for stirring the syrup.

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  1. Thank you, I wish I knew this while living in Switzerland! A must have in Finnish gingerbread.

    1. Yeah, this is such an essential ingredient for Finns living abroad! I’m so happy that I figured out how to make it. 🙂 I got so much dark syrup left after yesterday’s kitchen experiments that I might have to try making Finnish liquorice at home now… 🙂

      1. Thank you Veera, its so easy! I didnt realize I could do it with brown cane sugar. That is great!

        1. You’re welcome! I was really happy to notice that the process isn’t complicated at all. 🙂

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