Creamy Finnish Salmon Soup with rye bread

Creamy Salmon Soup is a Finnish Classic

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This creamy salmon soup is my version of the classic Finnish salmon soup recipe, Lohikeitto. In my opinion this hearty soup is best served after a day out in the cold weather, but Finns eat salmon soup throughout the year.

The cornerstone of the soup is the fresh fish that the root vegetables complement. Even though the soup is called creamy salmon soup, you can use trout just as well. In lack of fresh dill you can use frozen or dried dill, but the taste won’t be exactly the same.

This salmon soup can be prepared several hours before serving and it will also be tasty the next day (just make sure not to overcook the root vegetables). If you prepare the soup ahead of time, be sure to cool it down quickly to prevent the potatoes from overcooking. I always make a large pot of soup, which is why this recipe serves eight people. This soup is often eaten with dark bread, like sourdough rye bread or archipelago bread.

creamy finnish salmon soup
Finnish salmon soup is often topped with fresh dill and a sprinkle of lemon juice

Today we had beautiful and crisp winter weather with -30°c outside. I did a long walk on the frozen river with the dogs and trained recall with our Alaskan malamute puppy. He’s turning 4 months old today and weighs over 20 kilos already! The dogs didn’t seem to mind the chilly weather, but I was craving for a hearty meal afterwards.

There are always root vegetable peels and salmon scraps left over after cooking this dish. I boil these leftovers for the dogs and add some extra fish and root vegetables. This way nothing goes to waste and the dogs get their own salmon soup. They love it!

an adult Alaskan husky and an Alaskan malamute puppy on a frozen river in Lapland
In the wintertime we do daily walks on the frozen river

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