Traditional Finnish archipelago bread. Recipe by Wind from the North

Traditional Finnish Archipelago Bread

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This traditional bread from the Finnish archipelago has a sweet, malty and syrupy taste. The bread is known all over Finland as saaristolaislimppu. Archipelago bread is eaten throughout the year but for many Finns it is also an essential part of the Christmas dinner table.

Even though this bread can be enjoyed just with salted butter, Finns often top it with fish or seafood. I like to enjoy my archipelago bread with gravlax or a shrimp mayonnaise. This bread is also a fantastic side dish for fish soups. In the summer, salmon and perch soups are popular here. Finns love ice fishing, and burbot soup is the most popular wintertime fish soup.

The great thing about this bread is that it gets better by time and can be prepared a couple of days beforehand. 🙂 It can also be frozen, which is a good thing considering that this recipe makes a good amount of bread.

The dough fills either three 1 liter bread forms or two 1,5 liter ones.

Saaristolaislimppu - A traditional Finnish bread recipe by Wind from the North

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    1. Hi Bobbye,
      I use Metric units instead of US customary units on my blog as I’m located in Finland. For converting deciliters to cups, you can use a cooking recipe converter, or type the unit in Google search to let Google convert the units for you (e.g. 2 dl to cups). I use the Google method as I find it to be the fastest way to convert units!
      Happy baking! 🙂

    1. Hi Scott,
      Thank you for the question! Rye beer malts are crushed beer malts that are widely used in Scandinavian cooking, baking and brewing. I added a better description and photos here. 🙂

  1. Hi Veera, regarding to dark syrup; could maple syrup can be used if I don’t find the dark molasses syrup or your dark syrup?

    1. Hi Susana,

      The Scandinavian dark syrup used in this recipe has a strong caramel flavor. Unfortunately I think that the taste of maple syrup is too mild. If you cannot find molasses syrup in the stores, you could try making your own dark syrup from brown sugar and water by boiling them. I will try this out tomorrow to see if this method works and get back to you!

      1. That sounds great Veera! I would like to know all the exact ingredients otherwise I don´t think it would be as good as I see it in your blog, I like to be authentic, so I really appreciate your suggestions and directions to the great bread I see. Thank you so much!

        1. Hi Susana,
          I managed to make dark syrup at home! I made a new post for it so that it will be easy for everyone to find.
          You can find the instructions here.
          With this recipe you’ll be able to create authentic Finnish dishes. 🙂 Happy baking!

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