Traditional Finnish carrot buns on a wooden board

Easy and Quick Scandinavian Carrot Buns

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This carrot bun recipe is my favorite everyday quick bread roll recipe and I’ve been using it since I was a kid. Carrot buns are tasty and most importantly – very easy and quick to make. The secret of these buns lies in the fresh carrots,they help to keep the moisture in the bread.

In Finland kids learn to cook and bake at school and I think that I might have gotten the original recipe  from those “household knowledge-classes”. Of course, as the time passes and you make a dish for several times, the recipe eventually evolves further.

Finnish food: carrot bread rolls
These carrot buns make a great side dish for soups and stews

Baking tips

  • Depending on how moist your carrots are and how fine you grate them, a different amount of flour is needed for the dough. My estimation is from 12 to 16 deciliters of flour. The video below shows how the consistency of the dough should be after kneading.


  • If you want to cut corners, you can leave the water bath out and bake the buns for 12 minutes with a closed oven door. The buns will just be a bit dryer as a result, but they rise just as well as with the water bath.

Serving tips

  • The carrot bun recipe uses fresh yeast as a leavening agent. Because of this, the bread rolls will start drying quite fast. As they’re easy and quick to make, I often prepare them alongside a soup or a hearty stew, and serve them fresh out of the oven with the main course.
  • The buns are traditionally eaten with salted butter, but you can serve them any way you like. The carrot gives these buns a hint of sweetness, which is why these bread rolls go well with both sweet or salty toppings.

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