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Pumpkin soup for a chilly evening

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As the evenings get darker and colder a good way of keeping warm is eating warm meals regularly. I’m also drinking a lot of alcohol free glögi (Finnish mulled wine) and like having a cup next to me when I’m working or relaxing at home.

Tonight we prepared a pumpkin that had been growing in the garden until September and turned it into one of our favourite soups, a hot and hearty pumpkin soup! It’s easy to prepare and alter according to the mood – I made a bit more curry powder than it says on the recipe and added it for taste! At times I have this craving for really hot food and adding a bit more curry and ginger turns the soft soup into a fiery bowl of deep yellow shades. I make the curry for this soup by combining turmeric, chili powder, cumin, coriander powder and a bit of cardamom. The ginger I’m growing at home. If you accidentally season the soup too much,try adding avocado cubes on top to cut the burn.

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