Tiramisu Berry Cake Recipe

Tiramisu Berry Cake

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Making this delicious Tiramisu Berry Cake is a great way to use your fresh summer berries. I’m a big fan of tiramisu and it inspired me to used its flavors as a base for the berries that I picked on my morning walk. Mascarpone, vanilla, espresso and amaretto form the base flavors of the cake, giving the main role to the fresh-tasting berries on top.

August is a month filled with celebrations in our family. Besides a continuous line of birthdays my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary at the end of the month. For me this means lot of opportunities for baking and trying out new things.

I actually made this cake for the first time when going to the summer cottage with my friends in July. It turned out to be a prefect summer cake – light and fresh – and in addition to that, very simple to prepare gluten-free. (Just use gluten-free ladyfingers for the base.)  🙂

This no-bake cake is quick to prepare. Technically all the tools you need are some bowls, a spring form pan (or dessert bowls if you’d like to make several small desserts), a mixer and an espresso maker. The cake is doable in summer cottage environment and that was an important criteria for developing the recipe.

Tiramisu berry cake recipe

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