Beer malt bread recipe with linen seeds by Wind from the North

Beer malt bread

Beer malt bread recipe. Baking with traditional finnish ingredients.
beer malt bread topped with flour and cut before baking

If you have just finished brewing a batch of home beer, bread baking can’t get easier than this! I came up with this awesome recipe by accident, trying to figure out how to use the leftover malts after brewing. The malts were still bubbling nicely in their bowl so I thought about giving it a try and adding nothing but wheat flour and salt. I added flour until the consistency resembled a firm bun dough. I shaped three breads (see pictures below) on an oven form, cut patterns in them and let them rest under a kitchen towel for half a day. The dough rose nicely and before baking the buns I made a strong salt water and brushed the buns gently with it. The crust turned out delicious! I baked the buns for half an hour in 175c and brushed them once more when they had been in the oven for 20 minutes. The second time I used this dough I left the salt water out but added oil in the dough. Both options work well and produce a little bit different results.


Leftover malts from brewing home beer

Wheat flour (approximately 1,5-2 liters)

2 tsp salt

2 tbsp oil (optional)

linen seeds for topping the buns (optional)

Drain the beer malts quickly through a sieve. The malts should be wet but not too liquid (the amount of flour needed depends on the water content of the malts). Mix in the salt. Start adding flour to the malts, stirring with a wooden spoon. When the dough no longer turns easily with the spoon, start kneading the dough by hand, adding flour until the dough starts to resemble a normal bun dough. Keep on kneading until you have a soft but firm, kneaded dough (normally I’ve kneaded it for 10-15 min). Shape the form into any shape you like (I’ve made breads and different kinds of buns), cut an approximately 3-4mm deep pattern on the surface if you like and let the dough rise for some hours. Bake in 175 ºc, baking time varies depending on the shape of your bread.

beer bread2
beer malt buns brushed with salt water before baking


beer bread
I enjoyed my bread with smoked german ham and, naturally, a glass of home beer.

Cover picture: beer malt buns decorated with linen seeds.

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