Traditional Finnish Carrot Bun recipe

Carrot buns

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These carrot buns are my favourite bun recipe and I’ve been using it since I was a kid. They’re tasty and most importantly – very easy and quick to make. In Finland kids learn to cook and bake at school and the base of the recipe might have come to me from those “household knowledge-classes”. Of course, as the time passes and you make a dish for several times, the recipe eventually evolves further. The secret of these buns lies in the fresh carrots – they help to keep the moisture in the bread. Gluten-free breads often lack moisture and that’s why this recipe can well be made gluten-free! In that case just substitute the normal flour with something like 8 dl Jytte flour, 2 dl potato starch, 1 dl corn flour.
For the buns you’ll need the following:

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