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Spruce shoot syrup

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spruce shoots02The last weeks have been unusually warm and summer is now in full swing. Everything is blooming and growing. The spruce shoots are at their best now and that means spruce shoot syrup making for me. The syrup has an awesome flavor and on top of that, it’s also a great remedy against a sore throat in the winter. 🙂 I made spruce shoot syrup with two different flavors – one with spruce shoots only and the second with added vanilla extract. I’ll use the vanilla-flavored syrup for making spruce shoot ice cream – so friends, welcome to our place to try it out!

I’m also making spruce shoot liqueur for the first time, the shoots are enjoying the hot summer day drowned in booze on our balcony. 😉 We’ll later see how that turns out.

Where, when and what to pick
  • The shoots have to be picked when they’re fresh and light green, the older they get the more the taste changes.
  • I got my spruce shoots from trees in our garden – In Finland the permit of a landowner is needed when picking these since they’re not a part of the all man rights.
  • You can control the growth of the spruce by taking off the shoots. That’s why I choose carefully which shoots I collect and make sure that our future Christmas trees become bushy.
  • Never take anything from the top of the spruce if you wanna keep the tree happy.

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