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For over two years I’ve been playing with the idea of having coffee in the woods. Now by coffee I don’t mean the typical “nokipannukahvi” that we Finns love to slowly cook over an open fire, but rather a delicious energy boost for any occasion. On one of my many forest walks I had home-made fudge with me and that got me thinking.

As a kid I used to buy caramel squares from the swimming hall canteen. The squares were sticky and difficult to eat but sugary sweet and delicious. As I grew older and switched school to another town I started having access to those thick, crumbly fudge squares that they sold at the local candy store. I made frequent visits to this marvelous shop that also made me feel terribly guilty, because my parents had told me I should be eating sweets only on Saturdays (the so-called “candy days” are a common thing in Finland). Well, they had told me, but not convinced me.

The large, crumbly fudge pieces still remind me of those childhood candies that I used to secretly eat after school and for years I’ve occasionally spoiled myself with home-made fudge. The idea of combining coffee with fudge came to mind when I thought about the main elements of fudge: condensed milk and sugar.

This recipe will produce approximately 15 fudge pieces that are easy to take along when you go out in the nature. You can enjoy them as a high-caffeine and energy treat or add 1 to 2 pieces to a cup of boiling water. Stir well and close your eyes. Just like at Starbucks. 🙂

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