Cutting up a deer by Wind from the North

Getting ready for the winter: Cutting up a deer

I’m trying to buy as much locally  produced food and sustainable meat as possible. Purchasing organic eggs for example is a direct way of influencing the living conditions of chicken – and they taste so much better! So does the surely free-range deer that a friend brought us last Thursday. We got so lucky!

We spent the evening cutting and freezing the deer. The task was relatively simple since there are membranes that allow you to separate the muscles easily from one another. The tenderloins are only 100 grams each!



Our dog gets the furry deer legs. They keep her busy while we’re working!

p.s. We took the dog out in the evening and saw incredible Northern lights! They were visible in the whole of Finland that night, too bad I didn’t have  a proper camera with me…

EDIT: For a better understanding of how to cut your deer, I found this picture from this thread. Worth taking a look!

1) Eye of Round
2) Bottom Round
3) Top Sirloin
4) Top Round
5) Sirloin Tip
6) Tenderloins
7) Backstraps
8) Neck
9) Shoulder
10) Top Blade
11) Mock Tender

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