Rowanberry Jelly recipe by Wind from the North

Rowanberry Jelly for Game Dishes

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Rowanberry is the berry that most people leave in the tree (or bush), not knowing what to do with it. I’ve even heard people asking if it’s poisonous. Well, it’s not! 🙂

Rowanberries are actually full of vitamins and they are worth picking and preparing for the winter. Raw rowan berries have a bitter taste, as the berry doesn’t contain very much sugar. Whatever I use the berries for, I always  add sugar and vanilla to the berries to cut the bitterness of the berries.

I serve my Rowanberry Jelly with game dishes. It has a lovely, distinctive flavor which goes very well with dark meat. Mint jelly is more commonly used with dark meats, and I would say that even though rowan berry jelly is totally different from mint jelly, I would use them in similar occasions.

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