Pear Cake Recipe

Almond and Cognac flavored Pear Cake

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We got a lot of pears from a friend who has an old pear tree on their yard. Most fruit don’t grow very large in Finland as we are so far up north, so the pears that I used are are really small. I often feel that the smaller the fruit are, the tastier and sweeter they become. These pears were no exception either – they were ripe, sweet and juicy.

I had a craving for something sweet and decided to bake a pear cake with the ingredients that I had in the closet. I love baking all kinds of spicy apple cakes and often try out different types of flavored alcohol in baking (check out my black-rum flavored carrot cake).   Based these previous experiments with apple desserts I thought that pears could also be paired nicely with cognac and cinnamon.

You can serve this pear cake with bourbon vanilla ice cream or home-made old school vanilla sauce.

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