Raspberry & Blueberry Queen Jam recipe by Wind from the North

Summer in a jar: Queen’s Jam

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A jam made of blueberries and raspberries is called Kuningatarhillo in Finnish, directly translated into Queen’s jam. Finns love the combination of blueberries and raspberries, and this combination can be found in jams, ice creams and baked goods. Maybe the reason why the queen jam is so popular is that we have a long winter. When we open a can of Queen’s Jam it feels like we get a little bit of summer back in a jar.

In Southern Finland, the ingredients for this recipe can be gathered during high summer, in July.

We collect the ingredients for our jam from a sunny forest patch that has been logged a couple of years back. Wild raspberries have taken over the place and blueberries are growing alongside them. I prefer using wild berries instead of garden berries because they have a lot more flavor, and typically a smaller water content as well.

Another great way to utilize your summer berries would be making berry liqueur or a tiramisu berry cake.

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