vappumunkit, traditional Labor day doughnuts

Labor Day Doughnuts!

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vappumunkkejaFinns traditionally enjoy vappumojitodoughnuts with their sima on labor day (30.4.) I had friends coming over around 3 p.m. so I had time to clean the house, take the dog for a proper walk and prepare the traditional labor day doughnuts and other snacks beforehand. 🙂

We filled the living room table with colourful drinks and sweet and salty snacks. The salty tastes varied from traditional-with-a-twist to spicy flavors. The shrimp toasts I made this year were gone right away. So, we finished almost everything, just some of these doughnuts were left for the late breakfast next morning.

This recipe makes two big piles of doughnuts. Once I start making them I think there’s no point in making just a small amount (and the 1 liter of oil is just a perfect amount for frying these).  I decided to share the good and called my mom. 😉 As a result, 11 people got to enjoy these fresh delicacies.

how to make perfect doughnuts on the first try

Just keep an eye on the temperature! The oil needs to be 180c’ for the doughnuts to be perfect. I kept on measuring the temperature every now and then while frying and that way avoided getting any greasy or burned results.

I just wouldn’t survive without my Heirol kitchen thermometer. I thought it was a bit pricey then I bought it (around 30e’s) but now I just can’t understand how I managed to do anything in the kitchen without it!

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