Easy rhubarb pie

the 7-ingredient Rhubarb pie

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Easy rhubarb pieThe spring has been very cool this year, last week being an exception. The nature really woke up due to a heatwave and the first rhubarbs have already risen from the ground. I love the fresh spring rhubarb, though I use this great plant for its whole growing season. This recipe is one of my favourite rhubarb recipes, not only because of its crusty dough crumble topping but because it’s fast and easy to prepare. Another favourite of mine is the smooth rhubarb curd cake that I came up with when my fridge looked rather empty but my sweet tooth kept on telling me to bake something… I’ll share that recipe a little later.

The ingredients of this recipe can be tripled for an oven rackful of rhubarb pie. The pie can then be cut in squares and served either as such or with something creamy, like vanilla sauce or ice cream.

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  1. I have to try this. Now it is rhubarb season again, and this looks easy enough for me to do. I guess gluten free flour works as well..

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