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My Malamute’s first time in a sled dog team

My Alaskan malamute pulls me regularly on a kickbike. Often we have training sessions with a friend that owns a husky. We make little trips with our dogs and kickbikes on small country roads. I prefer taking my friend with me because my dog likes running after another dog – alone her speed just keeps dropping after a speedy start. Of course having company is great as well!

In wintertime my kickbike isn’t always working too well. Even though I got winter tires the roads can be icy and slippery. At times the snow gets stuck between the frame and the tire locking the wheels. In summer it’s a great thing to have though!

So in winter we have to come up with something else. We’ve tried a kickspark but going with a dog that’s not pulling properly alone can be frustrating. This week my dog got to try how it is to run with an experienced Siberian husky sled team. My dog is the wheel dog on the left (looking from the sled towards the dogs) and the video shows her first time ever on the team. 🙂

I think that I was more stressed out than her, my legs felt like spaghetti while she was looking all happy and excited. Once they finally left I was worried if she could keep up with the husky team (malamutes are slower than huskies). After all, the distance they ran while pulling the musher and two passengers was five kilometers! Finally, the team arrived. Good news is that she hadn’t slowed the sled down. She just hadn’t pulled forward all the time either but had looked back to see what was coming after her – after all, a big charter sled is not something she’s gotten used to.

Hopefully she’ll get used to the sled soon and can focus on going forward at all times! 🙂

Update: Kaylee learned quickly and stopped being scared of the sled. You can find two more videos of her on my instagram page! 🙂

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