Traditional Finnish Dishes - Laskiaispullat - Sweet Buns with Cloudberry Jam

Shrove Buns with Cloudberry Filling

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Laskiainen is the traditional sledding time in February and laskiaispullat, sweet buns with whipped cream and a sweet filling, are an essential part of it. Schools close for a week for the skiing holidays, and Finns take off to their cabins to enjoy fresh winter air and snowy, sunny days. All of a sudden the fells of Lapland are crowded with Finns that are spending their skiing holidays doing outdoor sports. My workplace is full of customers as well. 🙂

These sweet buns are traditionally eaten either with a jam or marzipan filling. This year I got a box of frozen cloudberries from my landlord and decided to make Cloudberry Jam to fill the buns. This way these sweet buns turned out to be a Lappish version of the traditional laskiaispulla, combined with the bun-baking knowledge that I inherited from my grandmother.

The two essential parts of Laskiainen are food (pea soup and shrove buns) and outdoor sports. For me, it has always been about having a good time sledding with friends. This year, instead of going downhill sledding I went dogsledding!

Early afternoon we did a quick training session with inexperienced wolfdogs. I was just sitting in the sled enjoying the view, holding a dog leash in my hands in case that the least experienced wolfdogs of the team couldn’t handle it. Luckily for me (and the dogs of course), the team did quite well and no one had to walk back home.

In the afternoon it was time for coffee and delicacies. And in the evening, Northern lights. That’s what I call a perfect day.

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