Traditional Finnish Christmas Biscuits

The world’s best Christmas biscuits

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The last weeks have been really hectic and the closer to Christmas we have gotten, the busier our schedules at the sled dog farm have been. There has been no time for Christmas stress caused by gifts, house-cleaning, inviting friends or baking, so that’s definitely a positive effect! 🙂 I celebrated Christmas by drinking glögi with the workmates in my Lappish office hut after work and then eating a good dinner with my husband at home.

I didn’t prepare much food-wise. We had traditional root vegetable casseroles, (but this year I bought them from the store), cured salmon (that I quickly prepared a day beforehand), fish roe, rosolli (preparing this doesn’t require much time so I made it before the dinner), herring, peas and home-beer. This year I also prepared a horseradish sauce, after reading a blog post about it here. I didn’t try this exact recipe but instead just made my own version with horseradish and sour cream and it worked very well.

We had Finnish Christmas pastries and home-made ginger bread cookies from our neighbors and my aunt sent us a lovely cake for the holidays. I had prepared Christmas biscuits well beforehand and this way we had an unexpected amount of desserts for dinner. 🙂 A friend was asking for the recipe of these biscuits, remembering how tasty and simple to make they were. I figured I could post it here so that it’s always available. The recipe makes approximately 40 World’s best biscuits, two full oven racks.

The world's best biscuits - Wind from the North

These traditional Finnish biscuits are known in my family as The World’s best Christmas biscuits. My grandmother, aunt and I have all been baking these, and for as long as I can remember, we have had them every Christmas. They are crunchy and you can find hints of fudge or syrup in the flavor.

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