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Vanilla Extract for Cocktails and Baking

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I love baking cakes and this real vanilla extract comes in handy on many occasions. It gives flavor and moisture to dry cakes (works terribly well on spice cakes) and seasons a warm drink in the evening. 🙂 Vanilla is often thought to be a wintertime spice but I’m making this extract in March in order to be able to use it for a multi-purpose spruce shoot syrup in spring.

I keep the vanilla beans in the extract because I like a strong vanilla flavor and the way they look in the bottle but you can take them out after three months and pour the extract through a piece of cotton fabric to get the vanilla seeds out if you like a clear golden liquid.

These two pictures give a good idea of the color change that happens during the extraction process.

vanilla extract
First day, right after bottling


vanilla extract

After one month
Use the vanilla extract for

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