blueberries in the forest, Wind from the North

Hot summer days in the forest

It’s the best time of the year for a forest walk right now! The nature is full of berries and mushrooms are starting to grow. I’ve basically spent the last week in the forest picking blueberries. 🙂

This year I’m picking berries not only for myself but for my neighbors as well. Many people value self-picked berries but for various reasons can’t go get them themselves. I use a berry picker tool for picking but clean everything by hand to make sure that nothing but the best berries get delivered. The whole process is time-taking but relaxing – definitely a great pastime for a couple of days a year. ^_^

blueberries right after picking
blueberries ready to be cleaned

Yesterday I had a girls’ night at the summer cottage with two of my good friends and my dog Kaylee. After the berry picking afternoon we headed to the local pub for a well-deserved drink and later made sauna and barbecue until late at night.

We went to bed rather late and slept in… yet I was the first one to wake up so I sat at the door step with my dog and enjoyed a large mug of coffee.

For the lazy morning breakfast I had prepared some tiramisu berry cake beforehand. 😉  I wanted to create a cake that could be prepared without an oven and would serve as a good base for fresh berries. I think that I really succeeded in that! Tomorrow I’m still gonna try coating the whole thing with a jello gloss.

Tiramisu berry cake
Tiramisu berry cake

Once we finally got going and to berry picking again I collected a bucket (10 liters) of blueberries, a box of wild raspberries and found one perfect porcino. Now that I’ve just returned home I’m feeling very tired but happy! Feels like I’ve just had a pretty perfect weekend and it’s only Friday now – That’s what I love about summer and vacation. <3

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